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Degreasing Chemicals

Degreasing is the most important step in surface treatments. The type of degreasing may vary depending on the type of metal, the conditions of the environment in which the application will be carried out. There are different types of chemicals for degreasing.

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Nanotechnology Coating Chemicals

It is possible to design many different processes with nanotechnological chemicals. Because they have flexible working conditions. Nanotechnology coating chemicals are compatible with alkaline degreasing.

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Waste-free Surface Treatment Chemicals

With waste-free surface treatment chemicals, both degreasing and coating are done in a single stage. There is no deplenishment, therefore, no waste.

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Phosphate Conversion Coating Chemicals

These chemicals are used to prepare iron-steel surfaces for painting. They can be applied by wiping, dipping or spraying methods.

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Chromate Conversion Coating Chemicals

In the chromating applied for aluminum and its alloys, the aim is to prevent oxidation by cutting the contact of the metal surface with air oxygen and to obtain more durable and long lasting surface by making the adhesion of the paint stronger.

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Etching Chemicals

Etching is the most important step for the adhesion of the paint on the galvanized surfaces. The galvanized surfaces can be roughened by sanding physically or by using chemicals.

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Rust and Oxide Remover Chemicals

They are the chemicals used for cleaning rust and oxide on metal surfaces before coating.

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Paint Remover Chemicals (Paint Stripper Chemicals)

In electrostatic powder coating applications, paint removers are used when the paint on the parts that are painted incorrectly, color change is desired or the paints on the hangers and apparatus are need to be cleaned.